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Pat Swenson – Helluva Cowboy


DCWAVE – The Price


We are  so excited to welcome Andrew Wiscombe to the SVR family.  As a solo musician, he has impressed audiences as a one-man band, singing while playing guitar, shaker, tambourine, harmonica, and kick drum simultaneously. His music is earthy, organic folk with lush harmonies that bring out the poignant emotions contained in his lyrics, which […]

SVR artists nominated for Utah Music Awards

Congratulations to Pat Swenson and DCWAVE on their nominations for a 2017 Utah Music Award! Pat has been nominated for Best New Artist and his song “Bleeding” has been nominated for single of the year. DCWAVE has also had a song, “The Price”, nominated for best single as well. Good luck and well done!

Amazon Is Now The 3rd Biggest Music Subscription Service

Amazon is now the 3rd largest subscription service. Amazon has around 16 million music subscribers (ie users of Amazon Prime Music and also Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers). This puts it significantly ahead of 4th and 5th placed players QQ Music and Deezer and gives it a global market share of 12%.

Thoughts on Soundcloud

Soundcloud has been bleeding money for quite some time. This last week they laid off 40% of their workforce, and insiders say they have enough money for about 80 days of operations.  This is the perfect example of why an artist should not grow their fan base on any platform they do not own. Yes, […]
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