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We are  so excited to welcome Andrew Wiscombe to the SVR family.  As a solo musician, he has impressed audiences as a one-man band, singing while playing guitar, shaker, tambourine, harmonica, and kick drum simultaneously. His music is earthy, organic folk with lush harmonies that bring out the poignant emotions contained in his lyrics, which tell compelling narratives about ordinary people.

However, Andrew is no ordinary man. Utah news outlet KSL told his inspiring story in 2015. Wiscombe developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder during his time as a U.S. Army Sniper — a position he occupied for seven years. Since returning home, he has used music over to cope with his trauma. These experiences with music and trauma have inspired him to reach out to other veterans and touch them with music. In 2016 his song “The River, The Lark, The Pine” was recorded for the Operation Encore compilation album, Monuments. Operation Encore is a collaborative music project created by veterans for veterans.

Andrew will be headed into the studio later this year to start work on a new album.

In the meantime, listen to his previous, self-released/recorded music here: