Andrew Wiscombe

Americana seems to be a catch-all phrase, a buzzword in the arts scene. There are those that sing the songs and there are those that have lived the tales. Rarely there are those who do both. Enter Andrew Wiscombe, a folk musician from rural America,  raised in a blue collar family, educated in her schools, and a soldier in her wars. A laborer for her farms, factories, prisons, rail yards and restaurants. He understands the life of the working class family.

A Berklee trained award-winning songwriter, Andrew’s ability to clothe stories, words, and emotions in American roots music has received great praise from fans and critics alike. He has drawn many comparisons to some of the great contemporary songwriters/poets of our time. Whether singing through the eyes of a child, the hands of a hard-working family man (he is a happily married father of two boys) or through the scope of his sniper rifle, Andrew has a story to share that will resonate with the most human


“Everybody has a story – a little tragedy, a little glory,” sings Utah country singer Pat Swenson. His story begins at the age of 12, when he first heard Don Williams sing “Good Old Boys Like Me.” That was the moment he knew the country music life was for him. “Something about that song just spoke to me. It changed me somehow, and I remember thinking, ‘that is what I want to do. I want to write songs that stir up this kind of emotion in people.’”

His musical influences range from classic country artists like Don Williams, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson, to the hugely impactful Garth Brooks, George Strait and Chris LeDoux, and ultimately to more current and unique artists of today like Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Gary Allan and Eric Church.



It’s a fresh start for [NATIVE/TONGUE]. The Salt Lake City-based rockers rose from the ashes of I Capture Castle, an electronic hardcore band that saw success from 2009-2015, opening for Black Veil Brides, collaborating with Tyler Carter of the award-winning metal act Issues, and playing Coachella and Warped Tour. Riding a wave of success, they released their full-length album Daydreamer in 2015. But things changed dramatically after the departure of founding member Marcus Gressman.

Embracing a more mainstream sound, vocalist Cody Taylor, guitarist Keaton Stewart, bassist Travis McKell, and drummer Donny West began work on their self-titled debut. “We see this album as our foundation,” says Taylor. Old and new fans alike will be surprised by the album’s variety. The funky, synth-filled “Eyes Will Sink” will appeal to fans of The 1975, while tracks like “Our Hands” will ring true for fans of Breaking Benjamin.


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DCWAVE is an award winning composer and musician, with a long history in the music industry; having composed music for film and television as well as touring and performing in front of thousands of people, sharing the stage with some of the biggest bands in rock.

“My music is a vehicle for story telling, but its also my way of taking something that is subjective and making it objective; allowing me to move beyond whatever hardship or pain might have been the reason for the song in the first place,” says DCWAVE